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About Akasha 

"Akasha Imaging has a unique DNA, with founders who have shaped the field of computational imaging and are now bringing that technology to market to address real-world challenges"

Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures


Backed By Science


CVPR 2020

Using polarization of light to pick up transparent or translucent objects. A DNN takes the physics of polarization into account. 

Top 3% Paper


IJCV 2017

Analysis of surface characteristics and the unpolarized world assumption to make 3D polarimetric imaging pragmatic.

Marr Prize Special Issue


ICCV 2015

A frequency analysis of slope and range data to incorporate and fuse polarization normals for high-resolution 3D imaging.

Top 3% Paper

Our Investors


Akasha Vision System

It is a one-stop robotic vision system for picking, welding, assembly, inspection and more. ​

High Resolution 3D 

Precise 6DoF Pose in Clutter


Supports Transparent Objects


Supports Shiny Objects


Low Cycle Times


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Why it matters: As important as the manual abilities of robots are, they need the ability to properly see

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A breakthrough makes even the tiniest 3D sensor up to 1,000 times sharper


This approach practically overcomes ambiguities in polarization-based shape sensing


The trick boils down to measuring the exact orientation of light that bounces off an object


The technique could lead to high-quality 3D cameras and, further out, aid in the development of driverless cars


The Akasha ClearSight Deep Imaging System produces extreme 3D images in unstructured environments