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Automate the Impossible

About Akasha 

"Akasha Imaging has a unique DNA, with founders who have shaped the field of computational imaging and are now bringing that technology to market to address real-world challenges"

Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures


We have joined the team at Intrinsic

Akasha has been operating as an independent subsidiary of Vicarious since September, 2021. We are excited to share that we have officially joined the team at Intrinsic, a robotics software and AI company at Alphabet. Together, we share an exciting mission: we’re building an intelligent robotics platform to unlock the economic and creative potential of millions more businesses, entrepreneurs and developers. Learn more about the work we will do together here.

Backed By Science


CVPR 2020

Using polarization of light to pick up transparent or translucent objects. A DNN takes the physics of polarization into account. 

Top 3% Paper


IJCV 2017

Analysis of surface characteristics and the unpolarized world assumption to make 3D polarimetric imaging pragmatic.

Marr Prize Special Issue


ICCV 2015

A frequency analysis of slope and range data to incorporate and fuse polarization normals for high-resolution 3D imaging.

Top 3% Paper

Our Investors


Akasha Vision System

It is a one-stop robotic vision system for picking, welding, assembly, inspection and more. ​

High Resolution 3D 

Precise 6DoF Pose in Clutter


Supports Transparent Objects


Supports Shiny Objects


Low Cycle Times

Press News

In The News

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Why it matters: As important as the manual abilities of robots are, they need the ability to properly see

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A breakthrough makes even the tiniest 3D sensor up to 1,000 times sharper


This approach practically overcomes ambiguities in polarization-based shape sensing


The trick boils down to measuring the exact orientation of light that bounces off an object


The technique could lead to high-quality 3D cameras and, further out, aid in the development of driverless cars


The Akasha ClearSight Deep Imaging System produces extreme 3D images in unstructured environments

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